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This blog is dedicated to the band Imagine Dragons and it's entirely perfect members Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee and Daniel Platzman.

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Imagine Dragons + Billboard Music Awards

  1. Milestone Award Presented by Chevrolet (Vote here)
  2. Top Artist
  3. Top Duo / Group
  4. Top Hot 100 Artist
  5. Top Digital Songs Artist
  6. Top Radio Songs Artist
  7. Top Streaming Artist
  8. Top Rock Artist
  9. Top Rock Album - “Night Visions”
  10. Top Hot 100 Song - “Radioactive”
  11. Top Digital Song - “Radioactive:
  12. Top Streaming Song (Audio) - “Radioactive”
  13. Top Rock Song - “Demons” , “Radioactive”

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Lay me down, lay me down
Imagine Dragons - 30 Lives

Lay me down, lay me down

Imagine Dragons - 30 Lives

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dream-yourself-to-death asked: I can honestly say that my last imagine dragons concert was probably the best concert I've ever been to. There's something about them - the combination of their charisma, the way they relate to the audience, and their obvious talent - that makes them one of the best live acts I've ever seen. And when I met Platz and Wayne they just seemed really cool and down to earth and they made an effort to start a conversation and everything. They're just perfect. <3

agreeeeeed <3

latitta asked: As an argentine fan who watched them at lollapalooza i can honestly say that Imagine Dragons is a GREAT act to see live. They were all head banging and interacting w the audience and they played all my fave songs :) In one bit, after the wild/semi explicit crowd surf, Dan was like 'I think i'm pregnant'. Best concert ever

oh my god I know, the night I saw them live was incredible, I’m honestly not just saying this because I love them anyways but they really are one of the greatest live bands I’ve ever seen!

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your-kylie-me asked: I had heard a few songs from Imagine Dragons, but I know nothing about them... But today, watching their concert here in Brazil, in Lollapalooza, I just fell in love ♡♡♡ They are amazing!!

New Recruit!!!!!!!

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ok but imagine this

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howibecamethesea asked: Hi there! maybe you can help us! There’s a contest going on on Twitter in order to win a Meet & Greet with Imagine Dragons, it really would mean a lot to me & my best friend killerque3n to meet them, specially Imagine Dragons because it’s her favourite band, would you mind retweeting a tweet??it won’t take you long, and the tweet that has more retweets wins!pretty please!! It would mean a LOT to us! the info and links are on a post in my blog under the title "I need your help" thanks again!

yeah absolutely, I can do that :) good luck!

links for everyone else tweet 1 & tweet 2

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